Beautiful marimba piece written by Ivan Trevino performed by Ayana Kobari and Saho Konishi.
I have finally finished making this music video at the request of Ayana Kobari. I spent almost half-year (including planning) to finish this one and more two videos.
I tried to record the best-quality footage and sound for their beautiful performance. 
I hope this video will remain as the property of people who loves music.
Ayana Kobari says "2+1" has been an important repertoire of duo performance with Saho Konishi since 2016. Ayana Kobari and Saho Konishi were studied at the same music college and graduated together (especially Ayana Kobari graduated at the top of the marimba department). They have maintained a music relationship for almost 10 years.
But unfortunately, there had never existed that high-quality videos of them before, even though their high-quality performance. That is why I tried to record the best-quality for their performance.
Music composed by Ivan Trevino (1983-)
Performed by Ayana Kobari & Saho Konishi
Film & Audio by Issui Enomoto
Recorded at Ageo City Cultural Center, Saitama Prefecture, Japan
2020 October, Under the Covid-19 Pandemic
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