Issui Enomoto / 榎本 一穗
Born : 1977
Hometown : Tokyo, Japan
Live and works : Yokohama, Kanagawa pref., Japan
Issui Enomoto is a Japanese freelance photographer and a taxi- driver who works around Yokohama city. Most of his art is produced in his daily work as a taxi-driver. He takes photographs and video footages during driving the taxi-cab. After the taxi work he brings them to home, and then edits and finishes his work on his original way as an artist.
Issui makes his print completely in his home. Some of his prints are acquired by Kiyosato Museum of photographic Arts(K*MoPA) in 2012.
"Taxi in the Sea" is Issui's masterpiece. This series of photoset was launched by "Fraction-Magazine-Japan No.11" at the beginning in 2013. Thereafter it had got opportunities to written as an article by "My Modern Met Media", "La Repubblica" in Italy, "Fubiz" in France and many countries web medias.
In 2016, another "Taxi in the Sea" was launched. It was a short film directed by Matthew Bate with "closer production" in Australia. This one was filmed by Matthew Bate, by the use of the footages and photographs that Issui took and finished.
He exactly continues his works, both taxi and photograph.
" Taxi in the Sea "  -  A silhouette
The home where Issui makes the print
December, 2017 
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